LMC Designs Offers Many Styles In Handcrafted Cabinetry For The Home And Office



Do you sell your cabinets direct from your shop or do you have dealers?
We have no dealers. We deal directly with the client.

Do you design your projects or use other design services?
We do all of our designing for a client so we can meet their personal needs they want with their project or projects.
We like to work closely with our clients in the design phase of their project and consult with them often during the design process.  Once a client approves their design then we make a set of construction plans to use in the shop.

Do you allow your clients to visit your shop when working on their project.
Yes, we encouraage our clients to visit our shop and meet with the ones of us building their project. We can also discuss any details that may need addressing. It's actually fun for us to have a client visit us.

Do you install your cabinets?
Yes, we install our cabinets in North Georgia, Western North Carolina and Northwestern South Carolina and we have gone as far as Florida and Alabama to do an install.
We build cabinets and ship all over the US boxed and wrapped by a trucking or furniture moving company.
When we ship a set of cabinets out of our area we've made a set of installation plans for other installers. We're also available during our working hours to offer and advice needed to outside installers.

How long does it take for you to build a set of cabinets?
We always allow a minimun of 12 to 16 weeks. Sometimes it takes less time but we have to factor in several things.
Our cabinet construction is traditionally done and built like furniture from our period furniture makers in generations gone by. We use no nail guns. Our drawers are dovetailed solid wood and not plywood.
We do all of our island and table leg turning in our shop and do all of our handcarving in our shop.

How much does your cabinets cost?
There is an enormous range of pricing in building kitchens. This depends on the design, detailing. finishes, any changes made during the build and how far we have to travel to install. We've built kitchens from $8,000.00 to a much higher end project of $100,000.00.

Do you provide countertops?
Yes, we fabricate solid surface countertops in our shop. We also build beautiful hadcrafted wood countertops.
Anything other than solid surface or wood we have to get a commerical shop to fabricate a set of tops.

What type finishes do you use?
We use the most advanced and functional finishes made available to us to date. We also use the old Milk Paints.
We use alcohol and waterbased dyes and oil stains. We pride ourselves in our final finishes.

How do I purchase a kitchen from you?
Contact us by phone, email or visit our shop in person. Once you contact us we'll set up an appointment to meet with you. If you visit us at our shop then we can get busy right them working with you on your project.